Laboratory Test Pricing

PLA physicians provide diagnostic interpretive services for pathology and laboratory tests ordered by a treating physician. Tests ordered on surgical specimens will vary depending on the type of specimen and actual diagnosis. The following listing includes the common orders billed by pathologists. This pricing is for the interpretation or diagnosis of the test only. You may receive a separate bill for the technical portion of the test from another laboratory, hospital, or medical facility. The pricing noted below is a discounted rate for self-pay patients with no insurance coverage. 

Billing questionsLab result questions
DescriptionCPT codeCash Price
Hemepath or clinical pathology consultation, limited80503$30.00
Serum protein electrophoresis, interpretation84165.26$27.50
Surgical pathology level IV, Prostate biopsy, up to 12 specimens, interpretationG0416.26$213.00
Cytopathology, selective cellular enhancement technique, interpretation88112.26$64.00
Cytopathology, evaluation of fine needle aspirate, interpretation88173.26$63.00
Surgical Pathology, Gross only, Interpretation88300.26$8.00
Surgical Pathology, Level II, Interpretation88302.26$10.50
Surgical Pathology, Level III, Interpretation88304.26$20.00
Surgical Pathology, Level IV, Interpretation88305.26$48.00
Surgical Pathology, Level V, Interpretation88307.26$125.00
Surgical Pathology, Level VI, Interpretation88309.26$185.00
Tissue decalcification for bone, interpretation88311.26$14.50
Tissue Special Stain, Group I for microorganisms, interpretation88312.26$25.00
Tissue Special Stain, Group II, interpretation88313.26$21.00
Pathology consultation on outside case with slide preparation88321$125.00
Pathology consultation on outside case with slide preparation88323.26$141.00
Frozen Section, first tissue block per specimen, interpretation88331.26$89.00
Frozen Section, each additional tissue block per specimen, interpretation88332.26$41.50
Immunohistochemistry or immunocytochemistry stain, each additional antibody, interpretation88341.26$22.50
Immunohistochemistry or immunocytochemistry stain, first antibody. Interpretation88342.26$37.00
Immunohistochemistry or immunocytochemistry stain, double antibody, interpretation88344.26$40.50
Immunofluorescent stain on tissue, first antibody, interpretation88346.26$47.50
Immunofluorescent stain on tissue, each additional antibody, interpretation88350.26$47.50
Morphometric Tumor IHC quantitative stain, interpretation88360.26$57.50
Morphometric Tumor evaluation by FISH quantitative stain, interpretation88365.26$55.50
Morphometric Tumor evaluation by FISH quantitative stain - assist, interpretation88374.26$43.00

What You Can Expect From Us


Trust is central to the patient-physician relationship. Rapid changes in the health care system are feared by many to be threatening this. We understand the role this plays and are committed to help strengthen his vital element of medical relationships.


Our physicians have many years of experience in the accurate diagnosis of pathologic conditions. Doctors save lives, help patients minimize pain and recover from disease more quickly. Experience and collaborative efforts between clinicians and pathologists help patients to more quickly address and achieve their health goals.


Credentialing by national medical boards and continuing medical education is essential in assuring expertise and quality medical care in our rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Further, keeping up to date and assurance of continued competency lowers the risk of errors and improves patient outcomes.


We are dedicated to the continued excellence our team has demonstrated for over 40 years. This dedication supports clinicians and improves patient outcomes.  We provide our services with compassion, enthusiasm and open communication with our clients.